1. Lead Balloon

From the recording Lead Balloon

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©2023 Reluctant Cowboy Music


Lead Balloon ( ​T.Kokol​ ) ©Reluctant Cowboy Music

If love is blind, my eyes must’ve fell out of my head
If it conquers all, then I’d say it’s beat me half to death

She takes me on a rocket ship.
Leaves me there to die,
But tears just float in outer space.
There ain’t no use to cry

She lifts me high, like a lead balloon.
She lights me up, like an Egyptian tomb.
She set me free, like a Berlin Wall.
She builds me up, like a wrecking ball.

Head over heels; tumblin’ hard, bloody as can be.
So Jack and Jill, but no one’s runnin’, tumblin’ after me


I’m just the fool that follows her, she’s got me runnin’
Off my feet
And without fail she pulls the wool, I know it’s comin’
So shame on me.